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Open-source natural language enrichments at your fingertips

Browse bricks to find gold nuggets for your projects; enrich your texts e.g. with sentence complexity estimations, sentiment analysis, and more.

Modular source code ready to be integrated

In this library, we list multiple classifiers and extractors usable for different purposes.

Each endpoint is a standalone function that can be used in any project. The code is written in Python and is available on GitHub.

You can try the function online, as each module has its own playground. If you want to use it, just copy the code e.g. into your refinery.

Want to contribute?

No matter whether you have an idea, an implementation of a new module, or feedback and bug reports for existing modules - we're happy to have you join as a contributor!

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Integrate with refinery

refinery is an open-source project to help you scale, assess and maintain your NLP training data.

You can automate labeling with these modules and integrate them into your refinery instance.

Also, you can use the enrichments of modules to analyze and slice your data into different categories.